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Don’t die without a will

It’s April 1st and I have a confession, I think April Fools Day is stupid.

I like humor but April Fools Day is all about making fun of other people for being gullible. I will tell you this outlandish thing and you will either not believe me, in which case the joke fall flat, or you do and the joke works, but you feel stupid for being so gullible. As I tell my kids, jokes that are only funny at the expense of someone else are weak.

If you love April Fools Day, more power to you.

Preventing the Horrors of Dying Without a Will [Next Avenue] – “It’s hard for a family to recuperate when the patriarchs and matriarchs have gone to glory, leaving a battle for who will carry the family’s leadership role and manage the family’s transition of wealth. Yet we’ve seen this many times before, in real life, and while scrolling news feeds on our smartphone.” Make sure you have a will!

What Happens When Airbnb Swallows Your Neighborhood [Slate] – “Right before the pandemic, Peter Holley moved back to his hometown of Austin, Texas, and was surprised by what he saw. He knew Austin had been booming with tech jobs and tourist attractions, following the basic gentrification blueprint. But Holley, a senior editor at Texas Monthly, also noticed that there were just fewer people who live here: “There are neighborhood streets where people used to hang out on their porches and talk. And now you see them replaced with these McMansions that people come into on the weekends and use to throw large parties and then take off,” he explains. The McMansions and large parties are possible because houses that used to be rented for a year by people who live in Austin are now rented for a weekend by people who just visit Austin.”

You Get What You Pay For: The Ways We Confuse Fee with Fine [Thrive Global] – “Most of us have an intuitive sense, as well as life experience of this truth, but the misunderstanding takes place when we confuse the fee with a fine. When things don’t go as we planned, expected, or desired, we assume we did something wrong and are now having to pay a fine.” As someone with kids, we pay a lot of fees that are easily confused as fines. 🙂

Finally – the fun one to round out the week! Ever wonder … Why You Never Take a 90-Degree Turn in Casinos: 🙂

Have a great weekend!