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Don’t be salty


How a Salt Monopoly Could Spike Car Accidents in the Midwest [BIG by Matt Stoller] – “Michael Milken, private equity, and a salt roll-up are showing we’re in for shortages and price spikes.” This was fascinating to read because of its discussion of the importance of salt (I did not know the magnitude of its importance in transportation) but also the larger implications of a roll-up in the industry.

How We Removed 80% of Our Unhappiness in The Home [Keepin’ It Frugal] – “In 2020, we removed 80% of our unhappiness in the home. Using the 80/20 rule, we took stock of what grated on us most, and one by one started eliminating them. The results were huge.” We started doing this at home too, finding those areas that bother us and slowly fixing them so they don’t bother us anymore. A lot of it is organizational (kids toys!) so very fast, just have to get your hands on it. Those pesky bebbles!

It’s Friday so two pieces of candy today —

Something fun for you to play with – draw an iceberg and see how it’ll float. (kinda)

Something fun for you to watch – How to impress a woman.