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Don’t accept less

A lot of raise negotiation posts share a lot of the things you should do but few go into what you might be thinking and feeling while you do them.

“As long you accept less than you deserve, we’ll give you less than you deserve.”

Raises, Negotiations, and $67,000 [The Best Interest] – “Human Resources aren’t your buddy. Nor mine. Their job is to work on behalf of the corporation. Not on behalf of individual employees. It doesn’t make them bad or evil. It’s just a fact. They aren’t there to help individual employees, especially when it comes to salary negotiations. With this new fact in hand, I rethought all my prior interactions with HR. That’s when I realized that HR was playing a different game.”

Who scams the scammers? Meet the scambaiters [The Guardian] – “hree to four days a week, for one or two hours at a time, Rosie Okumura, 35, telephones thieves and messes with their minds. For the past two years, the LA-based voice actor has run a sort of reverse call centre, deliberately ringing the people most of us hang up on – scammers who pose as tax agencies or tech-support companies or inform you that you’ve recently been in a car accident you somehow don’t recall. When Okumura gets a scammer on the line, she will pretend to be an old lady, or a six-year-old girl, or do an uncanny impression of Apple’s virtual assistant Siri. Once, she successfully fooled a fake customer service representative into believing that she was Britney Spears. “I waste their time,” she explains, “and now they’re not stealing from someone’s grandma.”” Love love love this. Reminds me of the 419Eater folks!

Are you a fan of FIRE?

MarketWatch did a whole series of short videos a couple years ago (fewer than 10 minutes long) profiling a lot of wonderful folks, several of which are our friends. The whole playlist list is linked above but here’s the video of Julien and Kiersten Saunders from rich & Regular: