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Does Not Compute

Does Not Compute [Morgan Housel] – “The first step to accepting that some things don’t compute is realizing that the reason we have innovation and advancement is because we are fortunate to have people in this world whose minds work differently from yours. Beyond Nash are people like Elon Musk and Steve Jobs, whose personalities are equal parts brilliant and absurd, and the absurd can’t be separated from the brilliant – you have to accept the full package. We’d never get anywhere if everyone viewed the world as a clean set of rational rules to follow.” Great post about rationality that starts with two war stories and is a great look at human nature and how logic doesn’t always (and often doesn’t) rule the day.

Relax, it’s OK to slow down [Tawcan] – “Navigating through this global pandemic has been extremely hard for everyone. We all are mentally drained. Some of us have been in survival mode for many months, trying to get by and just making it to the next day. […] So, take the time to pat yourself on the back for maneuvering through this tough difficult period and making sure you and your family are doing OK. And know that it is OK to slow down.”

A fun little clip about how Andre Agassi read Boris Becker’s serve and how he had to hide it: