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Does My Son Know You?

Does My Son Know You? [The Ringer] – There’s no quote I can pull from this article that does it justice, just read it. Really puts things in perspective.

Gimme 20! How just 20 minutes a day to yourself could transform your life [The Guardian] – “When you’re overloaded with work/parenting/caring/domestic admin/stuff to faff around with on your phone, it’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that every second is accounted for. But recently, I have finally acknowledged the (slightly embarrassingly obvious) fact that life’s to-do list will never be complete; that spending time doing whatever you want will help you get everything else done; that it’s not selfish, but actually practical. And it has been a gamechanger. This isn’t about aspiring to be a CEO type, who rises at 4am to restore their inbox to zero and get a bouffant blow-dry. It’s about taking 20 minutes to reclaim your humanity.”

A lot of eye-opening stats in this thread: