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Do You Rent or Own Your Job?

Hey friends, it’s me again, Tarsha from the Plutus Foundation. I am so excited to share this week’s articles with you. Enjoy!

Here’s what we wanted to share with you this week.

The Surprising Inspiration to Declutter I Found at the Museum. [No Sidebar] — “If I could live for 1000 years, what would I keep? When I am gone, what do I want archaeologists to learn about me from my stuff? What about you?”  (Submitted by J. Money.)

Do You Rent or Own Your Job? [Financial Panther] — “You can rent a job. Or you can own a job. It’s not easy to own a job. And there’s nothing necessarily wrong with renting a job either. But for me, owning a job is the way I’d rather do it. If I’m going to have to work, I’d rather work at a job I made for myself, even if it means I have to take all the risks.” (Submitted by J. Money.)

Slow FI and the evolution of Friendships. [Dinks on a Bus] — “I’ve noticed how my friendships have changed and evolved. Some friendships have ended, and that has been hard, but for the most part, my friendships have changed for the better since slowing down my journey to FI.” (Submitted by Tarsha.)