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Do taxes fund spending?

Welcome to Wednesday, money nerds. Today’s top money articles are all stories inspired by conversations with folks here at Fincon 2021 in Austin, Texas. When money nerds get together, we tend to talk about…well, money. Especially at this event.

Here are a few of the things we’ve been discussing.

Do taxes fund spending? [Crooked Timber] — “Semantic debates like this one are often driven by the fact that the words used describe a phenomenon which is itself different depending on how you look at it. In the case of the relationship between taxes and spending, and as foreshadowed above, the time period under consideration is very important.”

“Why I like buying new cars with financing.” [Miranda Marquit] — “It seems like a small thing to pay an extra three or four thousand dollars for, but it’s worth it to me. I have a car that fits my lifestyle and hits the major notes. So I was willing to spring for the extras because I can afford it and it will enhance my experience for the next 10 years.”

Why most gas stations don’t make money from selling gas. [The Hustle] — “The business model of gas stations is a bit counterintuitive. Most gas stations barely turn a profit on their core product, and when the price of oil goes up they may even take a loss on it. Battling small margins, cutthroat competition, and the looming threat of electric vehicles, many gas stations are more reliant than ever on secondary revenue streams.”

Come back tomorrow for more like this! As new articles and topics come up, I’ll make a note to share them with you all. Sounds fun, doesn’t it?