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“Divorce ruined my finances (but saved my life).”

Hey hey, everyone! It’s Monday, March the 22nd. Spring has sprung! (Astronomical spring, anyhow. Meteorological spring started three weeks ago.) It’s my 52nd birthday on Thursday. Kim and I are prepping to sell our home. Things are CRAZY, I tell you. CRAZY!

Add to that craziness a brand-new money blog. Women’s Personal Finance started as a Facebook community three years ago, a community that many of my friends love. And now the founders of that group have started a supporting website. My buddy Gwen (from Fiery Millennials) pointed me to the site yesterday.

Women’s Personal Finance is a membership community first and a website second. Those who join get access to a quality group of like-minded folks, a monthly newsletter, and more. I like it! I hope it flourishes for years to come. To that end, our first article today comes from WPF…

Divorce ruined my finances but saved my life. [Women’s Personal Finance] — “In one harsh, cold decision, our whole world flipped upside down. I left with less than half our assets and all my debt, including some credit card debt from the move and the divorce. While I could have fought to have him help me pay it, we couldn’t afford lawyers, and I wanted freedom more than I wanted equality.”

Am I the asshole for hiding a large savings account from my husband? [/r/AmItheAsshole] — “My (44F) husband (46M) is a big spender. Whenever we have money to spare, he wants to buy something new for the house or for his car or boat. For this reason I have a secret checking account that I rarely use for purchases I don’t want him to know about…He found the [account] and asked me why I had a debit card he didn’t know about. Eventually I confessed that I was saving it for our vacation. He was really mad…Am I the asshole?” Reddit’s verdict? Not the asshole. My verdict? Also, not the asshole. What’s your verdict?

“The evolution of my thoughts on spending money.” [A Purple Life] — “I always assumed that my thoughts on spending money would remain stagnant, like my thoughts on marriage or having kids. However, it turns out that my view of spending has evolved almost as much as my thoughts on time.”

To round things up for today, here’s a crazy (but cool) five-minute video of a beekeeper removing a hive and moving it to a new location — all without gear. THIS FREAKS ME OUT!

I admire this woman’s courage. This is not for me. I have a bee allergy, and while I know the little guys are nice, they scare me. (I hate ants too, but that’s another story.)

Okay, that’s it for Day #1 one my birthday week. I’ll see you again tomorrow with more great stuff. See you then!