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Die broke.

What up, money nerds? This is Wednesday, this is Apex Money, and I am your host, J.D. Roth. Today — as every weekday — I have a handful of cool stories about personal finance (and related topics) to share with you. I’m particularly fond of the first one.

Digging up personal info on a politician based on a seemingly-innocent Instagram photo. [Mango PDF Zone] — “Your boarding pass for a flight can sometimes be used to get your passport number. Don’t post your boarding pass or baggage receipt online, keep it as secret as your passport.” This is a l-o-n-g article that’s difficult to explain…but damn it’s interesting. Bottom line? Don’t post photos of your boarding pass when you’re traveling.

Finding the track. [Haystack] — “This year will force me to be even more alert, move alive, more aware of the signals around me. By paying close attention, there’s a possibility to find the track again. It won’t just reappear, like someone flipping the switch back. Rather, I believe it is a new track, and it has to be forged from scratch.”

The billionaire who wanted to die broke is now officially broke. [Forbes] — “Charles ‘Chuck’ Feeney, 89, who cofounded airport retailer Duty Free Shoppers with Robert Miller in 1960, amassed billions while living a life of monklike frugality. As a philanthropist, he pioneered the idea of Giving While Living — spending most of your fortune on big, hands – on charity bets instead of funding a foundation upon death.”

To close things out today, we’re featuring audio instead of video. Here’s the latest episode from Sarah Li Cain’s excellent podcast, Beyond the Dollar. It’s all about your financial legacy. And if things work like I hope they will, I’ll simply be able to paste her HTML code and the podcast will embed below. 😉

How’s that for a bunch of food stuff? It’s great, isn’t it? And we’ll be back tomorrow with more of the same! See you then.