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Did We Retire at the Worst Possible Time?

Happy Monday! Jim here with today’s gems – starting with a poignant post from Chrissy who retired last November and then experienced some of the most turbulent months in recent memory (and we are still in a pandemic!):

Did We Retire at the Worst Possible Time? [Eat Sleep Breathe FI] – “In November of last year, we reached FIRE, and my husband M retired. Since then, the world has faced a lot of turmoil, and it seems as if everything is crashing down around us. Today, I’m taking a deep dive to answer the question, did we retire at the worst possible time?” It’s a good post to ponder on… and her outlook is great! 🙂

What You Can Do About Guns When Leaders Fail Us // How Divestment Can Drive Change [Our Next Life] – “I’m sick of being told to vote. I bet you’re sick of it, too. We must vote, of course we must, but it’s not enough. Our own eyes tell us that. We’ve been voting this whole time, and things are only getting worse. So what else can we actually do? I wrote Wallet Activism exactly to answer this question, because voting is never enough. There’s always more we can do. We live in a system that tells us we’re powerless when, in truth, those in power are terrified that we’ll figure out exactly how powerful we actually are when we act collectively.” Great post with some actionable steps that go behind “voting.”

Money is emotional — but personal finance advice rarely accounts for that [Vox] – “In putting financial literacy above all else, many in the personal finance industry have decided that repeating the same facts about how much money folks should have in their emergency savings account will, somehow, change people’s money habits. This approach doesn’t account for our human side: the parts of us that crave connection, new experiences, and fitting in as members of our communities. Most of our decisions around money are emotional; no amount of nitty-gritty knowledge about interest rates will change that.”

More posts tomorrow!