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Dense about housing.

Well well well. It’s Wednesday, money nerds, and it’s time for some more top money stories! First up, my pal Douglas Tsoi sent us his latest article from the School of Financial Freedom. We like it.

Dense about housing. [School of Financial Freedom] — “Housing is a prime example of the ‘hedonic treadmill’, which means we emotionally adapt to the material improvements we make in our lives, resulting in the ongoing need to get still more. Our houses are getting bigger and when they do, we want them to get bigger still.”

In his article, Tsoi links to the following photo essay, which is amazing:

Hong Kong’s high-density housing and cramped living conditions. [chinaSMACK] — “Because of historical, political, and geographical reasons, only 23.7% of Hong Kong’s land is developed. 76 square kilometers of land is developed for housing use, which occupies only 6.8% of the total land area. Due to the high population density caused by limits on land development, 7.07 million people mainly live in residential high-rises.”

Many Hong Kong residents live in apartments of only 100 square feet (9.2 square meters)!

Living in 100 square feet

Living in 100 square feet

Discipline trumps vision. [First Round Review] — “In this exclusive interview, Collin dives deeper to put tactical teeth on an entrepreneurial trope, sharing why a founder’s discipline matters more than vision. She describes her approach to communication, time management, fundraising and team building, unveiling impactful practices and sharing the actual emails she relies on to stay on track.” Yes, this article is about managing a successful start-up, but it contains lessons you can use in your personal life.

Lastly, here’s an article from Inc. that’s not really about money: “Ten things incredibly likable people never, ever do (and why you love them for it”.

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