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Defying Financial Gravity

Defying Financial Gravity: Achieving Your First $100,000 [Financial Imagineer] – “Reaching a lofty financial goal such as achieving your first $100k or $1 million is much like defying financial gravity and rocketing into orbit. Just as it takes an immense amount of energy to break free from the gravitational pull of Earth and launch into space, so too does it take a lot of hard work, discipline, grit, and dedication to reach the milestone of your first $100k.”

It’s Okay Not To Boast About Your Wealth And Chase It Aggressively [Making of a Millionaire] – “We don’t know how not to share our wealth with the world because we loop it into our identities. If we don’t have x, y, and z, we’re not sh*t or aren’t doing sh*t right. Wrong. Modest lives are meaningful, too.”

This next one isn’t about money per se but as someone who loves to make stock out of rotisserie chicken (and I worked a summer for Heinz back in the day), I found it fascinating.

Lost in the Stock [Eater] – “This is multinational corporate industrial cooking in its most pure form. The company is not making soup; it is making, according to its website, “savory taste solutions.” It ensures that it is legally safe and sterile, it separates and process the carcass, fat, broth, and meat, and then sells off the broth concentrate to companies who in turn add sugar, or salt, or carrot juice, or yeast extract, or all of the above. Those companies then put a picture of a farm or a kid eating soup on a website and tell you that their soup is just like mom’s. When I asked my Symrise representative why chicken broth from a box in a grocery store will never reduce down to a demi-glace, his answer was technical and plain. “The difference is the total protein content,” he wrote. “A typical Aseptic single strength broth only has 1-3 g protein per serving. The demiglace which you create is much higher in protein.” But I would humbly suggest that the real answer is “because that’s not what the corporations that hired us asked for.””