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Deadly wage-slave thoughts (and how to overcome them).

Look, ma! No politics! That’s right, folks. Today, we’re back to good old-fashioned personal-finance stories. Enjoy!

The most important questions to ask before marriage. [One Frugal Girl] — “No matter how well you know one another, there are bound to be topics you’ve never discussed. Now is the time to focus on those hard questions that will help you envision your future life together. After asking these questions, be patient, open, and understanding. Marriages thrive when both partners feel free to share their ideas and beliefs.”

Deadly wage-slave thoughts and how to overcome them. [The Woke Salaryman] — “I’m not saying salarymen are lazy. Nor is this article about why ‘thinking like an employee’ is bad. What I’m saying is that the comfy white-collar, stable-income you take on has risks that you might not even be aware of.”

In praise of beater cars. [Root Simple] — “There’s another benefit to driving a beater…[A] lot of people measure status with the brand and upkeep of your car. These are exactly the sort of people you don’t want to hang out with. Your beater will act as a kind of filter for vain idiots.” Funny, but with a core of truth. [Related: How to buy a reliable used car at Good Financial Cents.]

Pay less for rent by choosing the minimum viable apartment. [City Frugal] — “Your goal should be to keep rent under 30% of your after-tax pay after maximizing your annual contribution to your 401(k). It can be much lower if you’re a high earner, but most of us have the opposite problem – it’s hard to keep rent under 30% of your take-home pay.”

Lastly, here’s a video I love from Syfy Wire. It’s a two-minute profile of New York artist who alters thrift store paintings, incorporating new pop culture elements into otherwise mundane landscapes. So fun!

And I love that his wife is involved in this project too…

That’s it for Tuesday. See you all tomorrow. TTFN!