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Create Multiple Income Streams for Security and Wealth

Create Multiple Income Streams for Security and Wealth [Retire Before Dad] – “Having multiple income streams also gave me the flexibility to wait for the ideal job instead of jumping at the first gig I could find. I always knew multiple income streams were key to financial security, but this was the first time I had to rely on investment and business income. Fast-forward to today, job-free income enabled leaving my career to do work I enjoy instead staying with a profession I only tolerated. ”

Invest like Oprah? [Contessa Capital Advisors] – “In fact, studies have shown that after-tax returns from these sophisticated “alternative investments” rarely if ever beat a more standard mix of stock and bond funds. All these different investments help her not put all her eggs in one basket. Some will do really well and some will never justify the high fees she pays to the managers.”

9 easy ways to make your life a little better [Vox] – “Experts, ranging from authors to academics, offer their bite-size, low-lift advice on how to live a better life. While these tips are meant to be easily implemented, by no means should you attempt them all — just try what speaks to you and your circumstances.” Some good ones in here.