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Celebrity endorsed crypto!

Understanding Cryptocurrency’s Celebrity Craze [Variety] – “While it should be anticipated that some celebrities will continue to accept the easy cash from potentially shady NFT and crypto products for some time to come, attention should be paid to how they are being paid. If it is in equity, the product is likely legit. Equally, the involvement of celebrities and brands in crypto philanthropy will continue, as the sums generated will continue to grow and leaders look to invest back.”

Comparing Two Blowups [The Irrelevant Investor] – “I keep coming back to this theme that things feel a lot worse than what’s revealed by looking at how far the S&P 500 is from its all-time high. One of the primary reasons, and there are several, is the number of stocks absolutely blowing up. The names coming undone were the darlings of the pandemic, and so we’re particularly sensitive to their unraveling. And the speed at which they’re doing it is breathtaking.” Fascinating to see how much money is still flowing in… is that good or bad?

This is so much fun:
How the Savannah Bananas have become the greatest show in baseball [SportsCenter]