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Can’t Take It with You

Is it Wednesday already? The Plutus team could not wait to share these awesome articles with you. Also, if you have a minute, please learn more about the Plutus Foundation. Enjoy!

Here’s what we wanted to share with you this week.

Can’t Take It with You. [Young Money] — “I’ll take you anywhere in the world for two weeks, name the spot.” The year was 2008, I was a few months shy of my eleventh birthday, and my grandma, Mama Ruth, had just offered me one hell of a proposition.”  (Submitted by J. Money.)

Sustainable Funds: How to Invest Without Killing the Planet. [Bravely Go] — “If you’re someone who care about clean water, fair pay, animal welfare, or worker’s rights, you’re probably interested in making your financial plan sustainable as well. You can use an ethical bank, shop local, and yes, invest in sustainable funds! But like…what’s the deal with them? How do they work? Are the secretly BS?” (Submitted by Tarsha.)

Top 5 Tips for School Shopping on a Budget. [The Frugal Expat] –. “It’s that time of year again. As August rolls around, parents, children, and teachers start thinking about school again. With school comes supplies and new clothes for the fall…Here are the five top tips for getting through this school shopping season without breaking the bank.”(Submitted by Tarsha.)