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I don’t have a calling, is that okay?

I don’t know if I’ve ever had a calling.

I remember going into interviews and getting asked “why do you want this job?” and my honest answer (in my head) was “Because it pays well.”

I always gave the “correct” answer which is “I like working in teams on tough problems” or “I like working hard and seeing it translate into progress” or some other BS line. The interviewer always nodded at how correct the answer was and we moved on. There was never a sense that I felt like the work was my life’s mission or a calling of any kind.

I don’t have a calling, is that okay? [The Woke Salaryman] – “Callings are very desirable things, but the tricky bit is whether it pays for you to do it, whether you’re able to do your calling as your full-time, primary work. They may pay well, or not pay very well (or at all).”

It wasn’t until I was older that I realized that I don’t have a “calling” when it comes to my work. There are things I enjoy, things that I’m good at, and things that pay well. I try to match them but it’s not always the case.

My calling is really about my family and that’s good enough for me. I don’t necessarily need a “work” calling. 🙂

What to Do During a Recession: A Timeless Strategy [Darius Foroux] – “Since the probability of a recession this year is getting higher, I’d rather expect it. That helps me to do well when it happens. And if it doesn’t happen, I will still do well. Preparing for a recession is a no-lose situation.”

The Snitch [The Atavist Magazine] – “In Scott Kimball, the FBI thought it had found a high-value informant who could help solve big cases. What it got instead was lies, betrayal, and murder.” Ooohhh…. the ultimate trio!

Have a great weekend!