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Can you really just buy a coal mine and shut it down?

I really like novel solutions and this suggestion by Alex Tabarrok on Marginal Revolution certainly fits the bill:

Be Green: Buy a Coal Mine! [Marginal Revolution] – “It’s time to reup the idea of buying coal mines and shuttering them. I wrote about this a few years ago based on Bard Harstad’s piece in the JPE and it came up again on twitter so I went looking for a coal mine to buy. Here’s a coal mine for sale in West Virginia for only $7.8 million! According to the ad, the mine produces 10,000 tons of coal monthly and has reserves of 8 million tons. Now here are some back of the envelope calculations.”

The gist is that if you want to reduce carbon dioxide, just buy a mine and shut it down. Buying the mine pays for itself (in carbon offsets) in about 3 months!

When the Place You Live Becomes Unlivable [The Atlantic] – “After Hurricane Ida, New Orleanians are weighing the emotional, cultural, and financial costs of leaving the place they call home.” Rising temperatures that lead to more extreme weather is only going to make this worse.

What Actually Happened During the Cuban Missile Crisis (And What You Can Learn About Influence)… fascinating behind the scenes look at the backroom deal between Kennedy and Khrushchev.

How I Accidentally Wrote My Son Out of His Inheritance [Financially Alert] – “Oops. Yes, you read the title right. I accidentally wrote my son out of his inheritance! Sometimes we can have the best of intentions, and yet our actions end up not being aligned.” DIY has its risks!