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Just don’t want it

The secret to saving money? Stop wanting it!

Not Wanting Something is as Good as Having It [The Escape Artist] – “What if you could be a Zen Warrior and be happy with minimal possessions? I’m talking about unlearning what we have learned from the advertisers and marketeers. I’m talking about no longer putting consumer knick-knacks on a pedestal that they doesn’t deserve to be on.”

The 5-Hour Workday [Four Pillar Freedom] – “I’m able to make significant progress on my businesses with a shorter workday simply because I spend my time only doing things that move the needle. I spend no time commuting, no time in meetings, no time providing project updates to my superiors, and no time emailing back and forth with people.”

So You’re a Celebrity Who Wants to Buy a House [Vice] – “ello, my famous and exorbitantly wealthy friend! I understand you’re interested in purchasing a home. You’ve come to the right place. Here at Realty Solutions for Stars Like You Incorporated, helping you find the mansion, multiacre estate, villa, château, chalet, or otherwise fancily-named residence of your dreams isn’t just what we do—it’s our passion. We know that your time is precious, and that you can’t be bothered to browse through Zillow or attend various open houses like a normal human being. That said, buying property will, unfortunately, take a modicum of time and effort on your part. But worry not! To make the process as painless and undemanding as everything else in your life, we’ve put together a step-by-step guide to acquiring real estate for high-profile, high-net-worth individuals like yourself.”

The Vampire Ship [The New Republic] – “How the seizure of Europe’s largest heroin shipment created bloody fallout throughout the world—and sparked still-raging political corruption scandals in Turkey, Greece, and the Middle East.”