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Big Block of Cheese Day

I (Jim) like to collect articles that I find interesting so that I can share it with you. Sometimes they are about money, or at least money adjacent, and sometimes they’re not.

Sometimes I like them because they’re interesting or funny. Sometimes I find them useful.

Every so often, I have a collection of articles that I enjoy but don’t fit any kind of theme. So I use a random Friday to dump a bunch of them on you to enjoy. Or skip.

Think of it as our version of the Big Block of Cheese Day. 🙂

Netflix’s Purge Problem [M.G. Siegler on 500ish] – “In the olden days of TV, you knew your show was coming back each year. We can’t and don’t know that these days. Sometimes it’s two years. Sometimes it’s three years. Sometimes it’s never. How about never? Is never good for you?” It hurts when you fall in love with a show and it just gets cancelled.

Listerine Royalties: The Origin Story and Valuation of a Uniquely Enduring Asset [Invariant] – “It guarantees that irrespective of other conditions, as long as Listerine is sold, the royalties will be paid. Full stop. You might have also noticed the word “defendants’”—plural possessive. If you check the court documents, you will see a number of defendants, i.e., royalty holders.” I remember seeing someone trying to sell a sliver of these royalties on Royalty Exchange – fun to hear the whole story.

Speaking of things that taste really strong … I don’t like White Claw. Seems like many Americans agree!

Hard Seltzer Has Gone Flat [The Atlantic] – “Hard seltzer might be flatlining for obvious reasons. Crowds have returned to bars and restaurants, where the drink isn’t very popular. Inflation might have tightened seltzer budgets. Maybe the market grew so quickly that it has already reached something of a natural ceiling. But also, here’s the thing: Hard seltzer just isn’t very good.” I enjoy seeing how fads start and stop, boozy seltzer will probably never go to zero but it had a quick rise and fall.

David E. Weekly sued a text spammer and won $1,200! Read the details.

(and a good reminder to get on the National Do Not Call Registry!)