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Best places to buy dinosaurs and rare objects

This first article is bananas. I can’t believe this place exists.

The Secret Art Gallery Where Millionaires Buy Dinosaurs and Rare Objects [Vice] – “If you had hundreds of thousands of euros to spend on bizarre and exclusive living room decor, where would you go? In the Tuscan town of Arezzo, Italy, there’s a place just for that. The Theatrum Mundi, or “World Theater” in Latin, is an invite-only gallery offering its extravagant but discreet services to millionaires from all over Europe.”

Cabinet of wonders is such a cool idea. I want to make one… but it won’t have super expensive stuff like Wolverine’s claws or a hard hat from Jurassic Park (though both are super cool and I’d do it if I had millions upon millions to spend on such lavish frivolousness!).

The Once-Common Practice of Communal Sleeping [Atlas Obscura] – “Sleep has been a communal activity for millennia. In the days before central heating and alarm systems, bedmates were a necessity. Entire families would pack together on a single mattress (plus guests), servants often slept alongside their mistresses, and strangers frequently shared a bed while traveling.”

How Superstars Can Now Make “Many Millions” Signing Autographs [The Hollywood Reporter] – “The explosion of the superhero genre and reduction of red carpets and fan conventions amid the pandemic have created a new revenue stream for A-listers: private autograph signings.”