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The best of 2019.

Happy New Year’s Eve, money nerds. Welcome to the final day of 2019. And, as we discussed yesterday, it’s just one more year until the end of the decade.

Today, we’re not even going to try to pretend to link to top money stories. Nope. Instead, we’re going to look at some “best of 2019” articles from various corners of the interwebs. Let’s get started.

“Our most popular money advice of 2019.” [Lifehacker] — “While you’re thinking about your own financial lessons from the past year, take a look at some of the most popular stories here at [Lifehacker] in 2019. They range from the practical to the absurd, but they’re all on this list for a reason: They contained some kernel of financial wisdom you can take away and apply to your own life.”

“Our most-read articles of 2019.” [Behavioral Scientist] — “We love the list below. The 10 most popular articles of 2019 are not only interesting in their own right but together illustrate the range of ways behavioral science influences our personal and professional lives.”

The most 2019 photos ever. [The Atlantic] — “Not necessarily the top photos of the year, or the most heart-wrenching or emotional images, but a collection of photographs that are just so 2019 — from ‘Old Town Road’ to ‘Storm Area 51′, from a fast-food banquet at the White House to Tesla’s Cybertruck, from virtual reality for dairy cows to ’30–50 feral hogs’, and much more. This is 2019.”

Donald Trump has great taste in food

“The fifty coolest things I read and watched in 2019.” [Four Pillar Freedom] — “Here is a list of the 50 coolest things I read and watched in 2019.” No need to say anything more. Our buddy Zach always finds cool stuff on the internet.

Finally, here’s something I look forward to every single year: David Ehrlich’s montage of the top 25 films of the year. Ehrlich picks his favorite movies, then mashes them together into an amazing fifteen-minute video that never fails to mesmerize me. I AM NOT JOKING. THIS VIDEO IS AMAZING. IT IS AMAZING EVERY SINGLE YEAR. YOU SHOULD WATCH IT.

Here’s this year’s version:

And just for kicks, here are Ehrlich’s top films from previous years: 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012.

Okay, that’s it from 2019. We’ll be back next year with more top money stories from around the web. Join us, won’t you?