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“The best $3000 I ever spent.”

Welcome to Wednesday, money nerds. Today we’ve got four top money articles from around the web. Enjoy!

The best $3000 I ever spent? Training for my dog. [Vox] — “Kristin was hyper-organized and overloaded us with information…We told Kristin we were concerned about how Beau would react to the new baby, but also about how he would react to so many new grown-ups coming in and out of the house. In between her visits, we were supposed to practice — which we did, inconsistently. But every week, he gradually got a little bit better.” [Related: Outside magazine on how to pick the right dog.]

Really, that article is just an excuse to share a photo of my dog. Here is Tahlequah in the middle of her favorite pastime: digging. Don’t mess with her when she’s digging!

Tahlequah in mid-dig

Inside the black market of vintage Kool-Aid packet collectors. [The Takeout] — “If you’re scratching your head as to why people might pay hundreds of dollars for packets of unsweetened drink powder that still only cost about a quarter in the grocery store, continue on, because the vintage Kool-Aid packet collector community is a microcosm of broader dynamics of fan culture. Really.” [It’s nice to know that there are bigger nerds in the world than me…]

“My credit score dropped after paying off my mortgage.” [The Finance Buff] — “Altogether I would call it drop of 20-50 points from paying off the mortgage. It doesn’t bother me because I’m not looking for more credit. Because my credit score is still good afterwards, it doesn’t affect anything.”

The ER overcharged me, so I gave them a taste of their own medicine. [Huffington Post] — “I’m through with the days when a giant company can make a mistake, and then I have to call their corporate support center and wait on hold for hours or escalate the call through countless customer service representatives who argue with me and say there’s nothing that can be done over and over again. I refuse to waste any more of my time working with corporations to fix their mistakes ― or at least, I won’t be doing it for free.”

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