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Believing In Yourself is Overrated.

I believe in myself but I also agree that it’s overrated. 🙂

Believing In Yourself is Overrated. This is Better. [Ryan Holiday] – “On a regular basis, I get emails from people who are trying to do big things. They are convinced they have some multi-billion dollar idea, a genius pitch, some brilliant artistic concept. They also have complete certainty that it will be a success (“I just need you for the marketing”). It’s always fascinating to see what this certainty is based on, because it almost always turns out to be, well, nothing. Mostly just wishful thinking, that idea that they can manifest this into being.”

A museum says they gave an artist $84,000 in cash to use in artwork. He delivered blank canvases and titled them “Take the Money and Run.” [CBS News] – “A Danish artist was given $84,000 by a museum to use in a work of art. When he delivered the piece he was supposed to make, it was not as promised. Instead, the artist, Jens Haaning, gave the Kunsten Museum of Modern Art in Aalborg, Denmark two blank canvases and said they were titled ‘Take the Money and Run.'” hahahahahahahahah

How 4 companies control the beef industry – fascinating video by Vox! Goes into great detail about how the beef industry works.

As a fun comparison, and this is less about the overall business and more about one step, here’s a video about the day in the life of a Japanese Wagyu Beef Farmer. There aren’t as many people in the process but it’s still fun to watch.