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Bad investing advice

You may have heard that Tesla joined the S&P 500 this week – you’ve probably also heard that Tesla’s stock price has been on a great run this year.

Depending on who you talk to, they may have suggested you buy some yourself… is that good or bad advice? 🙂

Here’s a good list of well-intentioned advice that you should take with a hefty grain of salt:

Bad Investing Advice: What to ignore [and why] [Women Who Money] – “No matter the recommendation or where it comes from, it’s wise to do your homework. Then you can determine the right investment approach for you.”

This next interview with Marc Andreessen is good on a number of levels (including the part about process and “resulting”):

Marc Andreessen On Productivity, Scheduling, Reading Habits, Work, and More [Andreessen Horowitz] – “What I’ve discovered is the number of people who can write something in the middle zone — when they’re trying to explain something that happened last week, month, a year or even a decade — and who I trust to actually give me an objective read on the situation is just a really, really short list. There’s a handful but there aren’t very many.We have one situation currently — what’s literally happening right now [with COVID-19]. Coronavirus is one where everyday I’m looking at all the science and all the economics because these are critical issues. And I’m trying to avoid all the commentary and all of the interpretation. And then the other, as you said, there’s just a very large amount of timeless stuff that really has been proven right over time. You could spend your entire life only reading timeless works which is what smart people used to do.”

The Power of a Part Time Job Even If You Don’t Need Extra Cash [MoneyNing] – “My friend needed quite a few articles before he is launching his site, so it’s so far been a “write as many as you want” type of arrangement. In other words, it’s “eat what you kill and the whole forest is open to you and you only”. This also means that I can directly put a dollar amount to the work I’m putting in for my friend. I honestly haven’t felt this excited about writing an article in a long time. Feeling greedy? Just go write an article. Feeling nervous about the market ups and downs? Write another one. See someone on the street and you felt really bad for him? Go give him some cash and some love, and then go back home to write one more piece.”