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Are you successful?

If so, don’t miss this first post. It may resonate.

The 7 Things the Most Successful People I Know Struggle with to be Happy [Leo Widrich] – “I dug into my memory and notes of having coached hundreds of people, often millionaires, some pro athletes, successful and wealthy entrepreneurs. I wanted to summarize the main points that most of them struggle with to become happy and fulfilled.” FWIW, Leo co-founded Buffer.

In personal finance, we talk a lot about emergency funds and rainy days, but what about sunny days?

Save for the Sunny Days, Not just the Rainy Ones [Budget Savvy Bride] – “But more than just saving for a rainy day, are you saving for the Sunny Days, too? Are you setting aside time and resources to experience new things, travel, and generally enjoy your life? Being on a budget doesn’t mean you can’t indulge now and then! This is why it’s just as important to have a sunny day savings fund as it is to have an emergency fund.”

I like the spirit of this post and I agree – it’s good to save for those moments of indulgence.

I Made One Simple Financial Change and It Lowered My Spending [The Atlantic] – “As a matter of fact, after writing that piece I came up with just such an un-fun, disciplined rule and applied it to my own spending—and it has mostly worked. The rule is simple: After I buy something, I log the transaction on my phone, recording the price and what I bought. The idea is to increase the pain of paying, especially with a credit card, by forcing myself to take note of what I’m spending.”

Finally, something fun… let’s enter the world of black market bourbon:

Inside the World of Black Market Bourbon [Whisky Advocate] – “I’m in Paul’s home, just outside New York City. We connected with each other via a Facebook bourbon group and I’ve come, as agreed, with cash to buy a store-pick Four Roses Single Barrel. Downstairs in his ramshackle basement, Paul’s bunker of 300-plus bottles is divided between two shelving units, one containing every coveted bourbon and rye you’ve dreamt of owning and the other containing rare scotch—holy grail whiskies like Brora 25 and 37 year olds—and Japanese whisky, including Yamazaki Mizunara Oak from 1984. These are the same whiskies that appear in glossy international auction catalogs. Paul yanks out various bottles he calls “fire,” including Willett 12 year old, 2007 Hirsch, and 2006 Van Winkle. “There used to be a lot more,” Paul gestures to his prized collection. “But a lot of it was sold to buy this house.””

Enjoy the weekend Apexian!