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Are NFTs the new Beanie Babies?

If you’ve had NFTs on the brain, here’s a story for you:

My Mother Risked It All on the Beanie Baby Boom [Gen] – “In just one month in 1997, $500,000-worth of Beanie Babies were sold on eBay, “totaling 6.6% of overall sales.” Between 1994 and 1999 the annual rate of return on Beanie Baby investment was 170%. We laughed when we asked my mom what her shelves of Beanie Babies were worth, but she’d made an investment with proven returns.”

Invest in Index Funds and Gamble a Little [Even Steven Money] – “I have allowed myself to invest up to 10% of my portfolio in individual stocks of my choosing. If I have a 1 million dollar portfolio I allow myself to accumulate up to $100,000 of individual stocks. If I want to buy shares of Nike stock (NKE) that’s totally fine, but the value cannot exceed $100,000 if that’s the case one of two things need to happen.”

I think this is healthy and something I also do, except for the individual stocks I pick high growth dividend stocks because even though I like to gamble, I like cash flow too. 🙂

What can investors do in the face of low returns? [Monevator] – “However when academics like the number-crunchers behind the Credit Suisse Global Investment Yearbook warn us to prepare for low returns in the future, you have pay some attention. The respected trio of Dimson, Staunton, and Marsh are not a 1960s folk outfit who sang about sandals, but rather three London-based academics. And they dropped their prophecy of doom in the latest edition of their Yearbook.” Eek.

Why an Animated Flying Cat With a Pop-Tart Body Sold for Almost $600,000 [New York Times] – “A fast-growing market for digital art, ephemera and media is marrying the world’s taste for collectibles with cutting-edge technology.”