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April Fools Day is canceled

Thanks for coming out!


Want to hear something that sounds like a joke but isn’t? Everyone seems to be making bread now.

We haven’t but for a while now I’ve been making homemade bagels. We’re out of bread flour (and so are grocery stores, which now makes a lot more sense) so we haven’t had any lately, but did you know that you can make a sourdough starter out of flour and water? If you want to give it a try, this recipe looks promising.

If you want a little silver lining in all this, it’s important to remember one fact about human behavior during a crisis – “Please remember: The idea that when disaster strikes people panic and social order collapses is very popular. It is also a myth. A huge research literature shows disaster makes people *more* pro-social. They cooperate. They support each other. They’re better than ever.”

That’s taken from this Tweet-thread by Dan Gardner, NYT bestselling author and strategic consultant. The whole thread is a good reminder for individuals and world leaders. If you want more to chew on this that isn’t via Twitter, here’s an article from Scientific American on disaster myths (Gardner linked this article along with several others).

A visual simulation of various epidemic situations, without the hype and hyperbole, that I think is useful for understanding them (but not modeling them precisely):

And before you go, if you’re missing Opening Day for baseball, Ken Burns asked PBS to make his Baseball documentary free to stream. It’s LONG (18 hours).