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An Anatomy of Bitcoin Price Manipulation

Matt Ranger is a data scientist with a economics background and I discovered his post on bitcoin price manipulation earlier this week and was enthralled. He walks you through how it all went down last July in great detail (and Matt is savage, I love it):

An Anatomy of Bitcoin Price Manipulation [Single Lunch] – “It’s commonly said that “cryptocurrency markets are manipulated”. Today, you’ll see one example of how that particular sausage is made. The SEC cites price manipulation as a primary concern when rejecting bitcoin ETF applications. Some crypto hedge funds retort that “markets can’t be manipulated because they’re too big”, which we’ll show is nonsense.”

It reminds me a lot of what I read in Trust Me I’m Lying, which Matt mentions in the post.

What Inflation Will Do to Your 2022 Taxes [Wall Street Journal] – “Inflation indexing was enacted in 1981, after years of inflation as high as 14.8%. While taxpayers’ income had risen with inflation, tax brackets remained fixed. As a result, people owed higher taxes due to nominal, but not real, increases in income.”

Basic income would not reduce people’s willingness to work [Leiden University] – “A basic income would not necessarily mean that people would work less. This is the conclusion of a series of behavioural experiments by cognitive psychologist Fenna Poletiek, social psychologist Erik de Kwaadsteniet and cognitive psychologist Bastiaan Vuyk. They also found indications that people with a basic income are more likely to find a job that suits them better.”