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All too well.

Hello hello hello! Welcome to yet another day of Apex Money. Let’s dive right into the delicious money stories, shall we?

How does your MBTI personality type affect your income? [Visual Capitalist] — “Extroverts are much more likely to have higher incomes if they are quick to share thoughts, have high energy, and like being in the public eye. Thinkers also score high on income potential, especially if they enjoy debates, make rational decisions, and moderate their emotions.”

Will real estate ever be normal again? [The New York Times, so possible paywall] — “House hacking, cash flow, passive income, financial independence: These are the buzzwords, but they aren’t new concepts. This is the natural culmination of the way in which housing has been transformed into an investment vehicle over the last 50 years — and it’s a recognition of the economy younger generations have inherited.”

Net given: A better money metric to track. [Seed Time] — “What was really exciting, is that I felt when we really did not have much money at all, we still had this desire in our heart to give. And so we started tracking our giving and it was exciting to be able to see that number go up. Even though we still had a ton of debt and we still had other things that we needed. We were in a hole financially that we needed to dig ourselves out of, but the number that actually meant the most to us was how much we gave.”

The most important decision in life. [Of Dollars and Data] — “The quality of your relationships will affect your lifetime happiness more than just about anything else. And your partner (i.e. the person you will spend the most time with) is a significant part of that equation. This doesn’t mean that you can’t be happy as a single person, but there is some research suggesting that married individuals are marginally happier than their single counterparts.”

There are those who wonder if my vocal public adoration of Taylor Swift is a joke. Hell no, it’s not a joke. She’s an amazing musician, entrepreneur, and person. She kicks frickin’ ass.

Last Saturday, she was the musical guest on Saturday Night Live. She performed one song — a ten-minute version of “All Too Well” in front of a short film based on the lyrics. It was amazing. Even non-Swifties are raving about this…

You know one of my favorite things about Swift? She’s not perfect, and she doesn’t pretend to be. This performance is “pitchy”, as they say, but who cares? It’s so raw and true and vulnerable. Terrific stuff.

Speaking of terrific stuff, I’ll be back tomorrow with a final day of favorite finance stories for the week. Come back to share them with me, ‘kay?