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All the right stuff.

Hola, money nerds, y bienvenidos al jueves. Let’s dive right in to our top money stories.

Gathering investment lessons from the headlines. [A Wealth of Common Sense] — “Sometimes the headlines tell us all we need to know about market sentiment. Other times they give us false positives. And other times all the tell us is the financial news organization that put them out had to fulfill their quota for the day.”

Exercise makes you happier than having money. [World Economic Forum] — “It’s clear exercise has health benefits both physical and mental — but what if we could actually prove it was more important to your mental health than your economic status? According to a study carried out by researchers at Yale and Oxford, we may have done just that.”

Meet the men obsessed with carrying all of the right stuff. [Vox] — An introduction to the world of Everyday Carry (EDC). “While the term — usually used as a noun, like ‘my EDC’ — was originally born out of threads on outdoor enthusiast forums where users would reveal the items they carry on their person every day, such as your wallet, keys, phone, or even a knife or two, it’s now exploded into full-blown subculture.”

I’d never heard of EDC until last weekend. If you’ve been reading me (J.D.) for any length of time, you know I’m obsessed with bags. I own too many backpacks and messenger bags. Yet, I just ordered another. It’s the Luminary 15 in burnt orange from Tom Bihn, and it’s billed as an EDC pack.

Here’s how Mythbusters’ Adam Savage describes EDC.

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