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Airline Status

I just discovered this site, called Airline Status, that lets you buy frequent flyer status. They get them from companies who overestimate what they need for their employees and you benefit by getting perks for $99 – $399 every quarter. It’s fascinating and I’ve never used it so I can’t speak to its legitimacy… but it looks legit.

We have no affiliation with them, I was just surprised that after years of being a blogger and traveler, I’d never heard of them.

OK onto the first article – there is such a thing as being too rich and it’s sad.

How To Stay Rich: The Gettys [Digital Party] – “When we think of the Gettys, we generally think of people who made the characters of Succession look like one big, happy family. Perhaps you remember the story: when J. Paul Getty’s 16-year-old grandson was kidnapped by Italian gangsters in 1973, Getty refused to pay the ransom even after they cut off the boy’s ear (he claimed this was to discourage criminals from kidnapping other members of his family). Eventually he negotiated the demands down from $17 million to $3 million. Finally, under threat of further mutilations, Getty begrudgingly paid just $2.2 million (apparently the amount he was told was tax deductible), and loaned his son (the boy’s father) the remaining $800,000 at four percent interest.”

Fun story about a two handed bowler who may also be the best to have ever done it!

The Man Who Broke Bowling [GQ Sports] – “When he first alighted on the scene, Belmo, as he’s known to his fans, resembled an alien species: one that bowled with two hands. And not some granny shot, to be clear, but a kickass power move in which he uses two fingers (and no thumb) on his right hand, palms the front of the ball with his left, and then, on his approach, which is marked by a distinctive shuffle step, rocks the ball back before launching it with a liquid, athletic whip, his delivery producing an eye-popping hook, his ball striking the pins like a mini mortar explosion. Not everyone welcomed his arrival. He’s been called a cheat, told to go back to his native Australia; a PBA Hall of Famer once called the two-hander a “cancer to an already diseased sport.””

Enjoy your weekend!