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Adulthood is a mirage.

Good morning, friends, and welcome to meteorological winter! December is here, and with it comes winter festivities. (And, if you’re me, two weeks in Hawaii haha.) First, though, let’s look at some recent money stories.

Die with zero. [The Boston Advisor] — “We work hard as wealth managers to make sure our clients don’t run out of money, and clients work hard to avoid financial insecurity. A book pushing us to spend early and often seems counter-intuitive. However, Perkins is on to something.”

“The longer I do this, the less I care about results.” [Ryan Holiday] — “It’s an incredible thing to be a professional baseball player or to get to write books or to do whatever is that we’re called to do in life. But being outcome oriented, results driven is to spit in the face of that. Instead of being present, you are basically thinking, ‘I can’t wait for this to be over so I can find out whether it was worth it or not.’ And let me tell you, the world is not kind to that kind of neediness. It is not kind to that kind of ingratitude either.” That’s some wisdom, my friends.

Adulthood is a mirage. [The Cut] — “While some of us feel like teens in private, most people who responded to my survey experience that feeling only when we’re exposed to other people’s expectations. And yet, if most of us are experiencing versions of the same insecurities, who is left to do the judging”

The paradox of happiness. [The Alchemy of Money] — “The good life is not a destination but a process, not a having but a being and doing. Working towards it doesn’t require lots of research, fancy tools, or a business. It requires commitment, action, and a bit of courage to be different. In a world caught up in emotion and status games, it may even feel like a quiet act of rebellion.”

And we’ll close things out this week with a video from our buddy, Rob Berger. Here he is with an 18-minute ultimate year-end financial checklist.

That’s all I have for you this week. Jim will be back on Monday to take you into mid December haha.