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A visualization of the Coronavirus

This visualization of the Coronavirus (and the body’s response) is amazing.

Inside the Coronavirus [Scientific American] – “One cell can release hundreds of virus copies. It typically dies because its resources have been used up, or it is killed by the immune system. Some viruses head off to infect more cells. Others are exhaled into the air.”

This next post is short but sweet, great for you to read if you’ve ever been tough on yourself:

The Gordian knot of identity and achievement [Radreads] – “How do you talk to yourself when your striving falls short? Or when you botch a big presentation? In one of his most famous posts, Seth Godin rhetorically asks who is the world’s worst boss?”

The Super Power of Positivity and Confidence [Life Outside the Maze] – “What pessimists do not realize is that they are not simply commenting on their lives, they are creating them. Pessimism can be corrosive to organizations and to people. At the same time, optimism is more than a sunny disposition, it is a world view. It is a strategy for life and has made a huge difference in my trajectory.”

The Promising Results of a Citywide Basic-Income Experiment [The New Yorker] – “Participants have also put the money toward rent, car payments, and paying off debt, as well as one-off expenses for themselves or their children: dental surgery, a prom dress, football camp, and shoes. They’ve also been able to cut back on working second and third jobs; one participant, a forty-eight-year-old mother of two who works full time at Tesla, was able to stop working as a delivery driver for DoorDash. Alcohol and tobacco has accounted for less than one per cent of spending per month.”

Enjoy the day!