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A perfect circle of acquaintances and friends.

Hello again, money nerds. It is I, J.D., and I’m back from my nineteen-day road trip. I’m excited to resume curation duties here at Apex Money, to share some of the best money stories from around the web.

Let’s get things started!

You can’t really manage money (or anything else) until you learn to manage yourself. [Brave Saver] — “Sometimes the problem isn’t our money — it’s us. And we need to work on managing our ourselves, our behaviors, and our mental health before our finances can improve. I had mismanaged myself into a deep, dark mental hole and it was time to dig my way out.”

How getting sober changed my life — and my money. [Recovering Women Wealth on Budgets Are Sexy] — “I’m looking at the graph of the pivotal money moments in my life, and it’s clear to me the life-changing events that occurred at each stage. The story told by my money also tells of my recovery from drug addiction/alcoholism. Since getting sober, it’s not surprising my net worth has gone up. For this girl, sobriety is sexy.

Spouses report earnings differently when wives earn more. [U.S. Census Bureau] — “When wives earn more than their husbands do, a puzzling thing can happen: Husbands say they earn more than they are and wives underreport their income. New Census Bureau research shows that the incomes couples report on Census Bureau surveys do not always match their IRS filings.”

My family has lived in the same house for 72 years. [Curbed] — “The idyllic location isn’t the only reason why generation after generation has chosen to live in the upstairs or downstairs of that house. Or why we almost always gather there, for every visit, holiday, and random Tuesday. The real reason is simpler. Comfort.”

Last (but not least), here’s a maddening little…toy? game? piece of hell?…that challenges you to do one thing: Draw a perfect circle.

Perfect Circle

Can you do it? I can’t. After dozens of attempts, the best I’ve been able to do is create a circle that’s 94.9% perfect. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go try again…