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A Once-in-a-Lifetime Chance

The pandemic upended a lot of things but it also offers us all a chance at a reset. A way to rethink how we were doing things and whether we should be doing them that way.

We see this with our work but it’s also an opportunity to check our lives as well.

A Once-in-a-Lifetime Chance to Start Over [The Atlantic] – “Many years ago, I met a woman who had had the kind of experience you ordinarily only find in fiction. As a young adult, she was in a serious car accident, resulting in a head injury. She suffered a period of total amnesia, followed by months of convalescence. When she recovered, she was never the same: Her family relationships weakened; she cut out former friends and found new ones; she moved halfway across the world; her interests and tastes changed; she became more outgoing and less self-conscious; she no longer cared much what other people thought about her.” The article is more than a “hey use this time to think about things,” but it actually gives you a process for doing it.

The Financial Independence Milestones, Gamified [We Want GUAC] – “So how about we switch it up and gamify it, for a change. Let’s be more intentional about noticing the financial independence milestones beyond its relation to how “done” you are. Get as excited about this middle time as I am! As you go along the money accumulates faster and faster, but that doesn’t mean the first several milestones are insignificant. You just need context to know how awesome they really are and what they truly afford you.”

Ronald Reagan’s “Welfare Queen” Lie Has Been Resurrected [Jacobin] – “To supply bosses with exploitable low-wage workers during a deadly pandemic, Republicans are reviving a grotesque lie: the myth of the “welfare queen.”” Instead of welfare, it’s unemployment benefits. History rhymes.