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99 Trolley Problems and the Rich Ain’t One (Yet)

Who doesn’t love a good “lessons from X”?

Before I share the post, I want to highlight the fact that this post focuses on the initial post retirement phase which can be a difficult transition for anyone, whether you’ve retired “early” or retired at a more traditional time. Just because you’re 65 when you make your exit has very little bearing on this process. (it’s also interesting to hear their experiences during a time when the stock market has fallen significantly)

Seven Lessons From Two Years of Financial Freedom [Clipping Chains] – “Surprisingly, it didn’t take long to realize how much of a social deficit I was facing after leaving work and the beginning of lockdowns in the spring of 2020. After the smug, self-satisfied wave of early retirement washed over me, which took maybe one to three months, I started to realize I was living an increasingly lonely life.” Great stuff.

Wealth vs. Getting Wealthier [Morgan Housel] – “What feels great is being on an upward path. That’s when dopamine takes over. That’s when you can extrapolate it and assume it goes on forever, and compare yourself to where you were before, and feel like nothing can stop you.”

Have you heard of the Trolley Problem? It’s a classic ethics problem here’s a train is coming down the track and you’re at the switch. Don’t flip the switch and the train will kill five people. Flip the switch and it kills one person. What would you do?

Now here’s the trolley problem with increasingly absurd scenarios. (the rich problem isn’t until Level 6)