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7 Phases of Retirement

On August 7th, I thought it would be fun to share a post from Retire by 40 and Joe’s 7 Phases of Retirement!

How fitting, right?

I like this post not because it’s seven phases and today is August 7th, I like it because it shows you a glimpse of how he sees his retirement progressing. He’s right in that it’s not a singular moment in time in which all work stops. It’s more like a transition and he shares what his family has done so far and where he attempts to predict what the future will be. It’s a way healthier vision of retirement than the traditional “hit 65 and full stop.”

Updated Joe’s 7 Phases of Retirement [Retire by 40] – “… we shouldn’t think of retirement like jumping off a cliff. Retirement would be much easier if we take it in phases, one step at a time. This way we can gradually work toward full retirement and enjoy the journey along the way.”

(this is also a good time to share with you Tanja’s post on the first two years of their early retirement because it shows a slightly different transition)

This Man Owns The World’s Most Advanced Private Air Force After Buying 46 F/A-18 Hornets [The Drive] – “For the last 30 years, Don Kirlin has been flying for the airlines, working on real estate deals, setting up the world’s biggest skydiving meets, and building a private air force the likes of which even he has a hard time believing is possible.” 35 of the 46 are already flying and the remaining 11 just need to be inspected. Wild!

Put on your seatbelts because the private air force thing is wild in a way that wouldn’t make for a good movie… but this next one is wild in exactly that way:

Tea Boy to Tattooed Trader: A Secret Tipster’s Life and Death [Bloomberg] – “By the time the concierge reached James Harris last June, he was lying in the hallway outside his apartment, arms and legs shaking, gasping for air. Although an ambulance crew raced in and administered an antidote for opiate overdoses, Harris’s pulse returned only briefly. Three minutes later, the 42-year-old British trader was dead.”

That’s it for me Apexian, J.D. is back next week with your gems!