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7 Mental Blocks That Are Stopping You From Creating Wealth

7 Mental Blocks That Are Stopping You From Creating Wealth [The Making of a Millionaire] – “Most of the wealthy people on this planet never went to Stanford or MIT. Many of them haven’t even finished school. Money doesn’t care if you are well educated.” These are principles from Morgan Housel’s The Psychology of Money, a book that I really enjoyed and always look forward to getting refreshers from it!

I grew up on Long Island where diners are everywhere – I never worked in one so didn’t know the lingo but this was fun to read. 🙂

Diner Lingo: How to Talk Like a Short Order Cook [CT Insider] – “Diner lingo was never intended for use in speeding up the order-to-table process. Rather, it was a spontaneously developed mnemonic means of making orders easier to hear and remember above the conversational din of the busy diner. It also provided patrons and employees with a free form of entertainment.” I’m not sure I’d ever get Angels on Horseback at some diners though.

Hackers Use QR Codes to Steal Your Money [TheStreet] – “Consumers believe scanning QR codes are harmless, but they are actually “inherently untrustworthy,” Casey Ellis, CTO at Bugcrowd, a San Francisco-based crowdsourced cybersecurity company, told TheStreet.”

I enjoyed my friend Noah Kagan’s latest video where he talked to the owners of yachts to find out how they made their money. If you get past the hype-ness of what is required to win in Youtube’s algorithm, the insights are pretty good:

The part that fascinated me was that all the folks he talked to were in “boring” or “traditional” industries – not a bunch of VC backed tech founders or cryptocurrency wealthy folks. There’s a lot of money in “boring” stuff, I love it.