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Americans say these 3 things define wealth

Money is a funny thing.

You can feel wealthy while not having much money and you can feel poor despite having so much of it. After a certain amount, it’s less about the dollar amount in your bank account but how your are living your life. These insights can help you find happiness, rather than trying to chase after more money.

Our first article shares the result of a survey that reminded me of some important lessons I’d heard before, hopefully it acts as a nice refresher for you as well.

Americans say these 3 things define wealth—none of them require making a lot of money [CNBC] – “Certain displays of wealth like lavish weddings on Instagram or luxury buildings in your city can make you feel envious or competitive about money. But 70% of Americans say having enough to ease any money stress in their life is more meaningful than having more money than their peers.”

Americans’ Credit Card Debt is Now $1 Trillion. Here are 10 Things We Should Stop Spending Money On [Simple Money] – “Last month, for the first time ever, Americans’ credit card debt hit a staggering $1 trillion! While each of us, certainly, find ourselves with a different level of credit card debt, this statistic should serve as a wake-up call for all of us. It’s time, I think, for all us to reevaluate our spending habits and financial priorities.”

Finding Awe Amid Everyday Splendor [Noema] – “For the last two decades, Keltner, a professor of psychology at UC Berkeley, has been a leading light of a scientific movement to examine our least-understood emotional state in all its gauzy complexity. His latest book, “Awe,” describes two decades of research and arrives at a radical conclusion. Far from being an undefinable caprice, awe, to Keltner, is a panacea, an evolutionary tool that holds the key to humanity’s capacity to flourish in groups.”