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33 ways to simplify your life

I like things to be simple.

When you’re young and feel like you’re smart, you like things complicated. You can figure it out, when others seemingly can’t, and it’s fun.

As you get older and have more responsibility, complications just weigh you down physically and mentally. That mental weight is especially pernicious because it’s also invisible. You can’t see it, you only feel it. And it can lead to feelings of inadequacy.

The solution isn’t to power though, it’s to simplify. To reduce your meaningless (or low value) burdens so you can devote your energy to high leverage decisions.

33 Ways To Simplify Your Life (And Be Happier For It) [Mr Porter] – “Research shows that the average person makes about 35,000 remotely conscious decisions each day. While many are complete no-brainers, “decision fatigue” is a recognised form of stress. By rationalising your daily routine you can streamline the process and make better choices that will ultimately leave you feeling happier and with more time to do the things that really matter. Read our list below and consider adopting some new practices for better mental (and physical) health.” Don’t try to do them all, just cherry pick what is easiest for you to implement today and try one.

(for all the O.G. content creators out there, do you miss the days when someone would put “and #8 will BLOW YOUR MIND” in titles as clickbait???)

How to Do Long Term [Collaborative Fund] – “Saying you have a 10-year time horizon doesn’t exempt you from all the nonsense that happens during the next 10 years. Everyone has to experience the recessions, the bear markets, the meltdowns, the surprises and the memes at the same time. So rather than assuming long-term thinkers don’t have to deal with nonsense, the question becomes how can you endure a neverending parade of nonsense.”

Now for something fun – SkyMall! (kinda)

Instagram Has Become SkyMall [Debugger] – “The thing is, SkyMall was a blast. It was so consistently unhinged — night-glow toilet seat! seabreacher customized boat! wine-glass-holder necklace! — that I began to look forward to thumbing through the catalogue while nursing a plastic tumbler of scotch. It was the high point of my flight.” I’m not active on Instagram and while I don’t need more consumerism in my life, I do appreciate that the “SkyMall” experience is back for the next generation.