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Who is the Wealthiest Generation?

Do you know who loves controversy? Human beings.

It’s why people watch reality TV shows – for the drama. 99.9% of reality is boring. No one would want to watch me sit in front of the computer and type. Certainly not millions of people!

That’s also why you always see articles about how “Generation [whatever] is doing this that or the other controversial thing.”

Or “Generation [whatever] has it easier or harder because XYZ.”

A “Generation” is so broad and only considers one factor (year of birth) that there’s no way someone born in 1980 into poverty is the same as someone born in 1980 on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. They aren’t even close.

With that in mind, I like how our first writer broke down a common cited image about wealth and the various generations and comes to surprising conclusions that make a lot of sense in interpreting the chart:

Who is the Wealthiest Generation? [Economist Writing Everyday] – “But wait. A few questions probably come to mind. For example, when Boomers were young they comprised a much larger share of the population. The original article makes an attempt to adjust for this, by calculating a few ratios towards the end of the article. However, there’s a much more straightforward way to adjust for this, which also nicely fits into a chart: put wealth in per capita terms!”

I hustled like mad in my 20s. Here’s what it cost me. [The Woke Salaryman] – “Financial, physical and mental health are all important. All of them can’t be ignored. […] Money is important, but less important if you ded.” I really enjoyed the format of this “graphic blog novella.”

Be careful!

Scammers have bilked consumers out of $545 million in Covid-related fraud [CNBC] – “Online shopping accounted for the largest number of reported scams to the FTC, at nearly 55,000 complaints. Americans increased their online orders during the pandemic since they spent more time indoors. But many were victims of “opportunistic websites” claiming to sell popular items — anything from hand sanitizer to gloves, electronics, clothing and even puppies, according to the FTC. Customers order the item but then never receive it.”

Enjoy your weekend!