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2020 seems like a not great year for nomadic lifestyles but…

On paper, you would’ve thought that 2020 would be a terrible year to start a nomadic lifestyle but Purple shares her experiences:

Celebrating 1 Year Of Nomad Life: Revelations And Answering Your Questions [A Purple Life] – “I was so excited to see the world in retirement, but as a result of the pandemic, I obviously haven’t been able to. So I cancelled all my flights and lodgings across the world and instead have been exploring the US with my partner. In doing so, I came to a startling conclusion: there is so much to see and do in my home country!”

Selling a Home By Owner is Easier Than You Think [Physician on FIRE] – “It’s true. Selling a home by owner is not nearly as difficult or complicated as most people assume. I speak from experience, having done so 4 times in the last decade including twice in 2021. Why would one go to the trouble of putting a home up for sale by owner when there are plenty of professionals who would gladly list the house for you? Money. That’s why. Realtors’ fees add up, and the more frequently you move, the more painful they can be, substantially reducing your return on investment.” Selling a home myself sounds terrible! But POF has done it four times!

World’s Oldest Coin Mint Discovered in 2,800-Year-Old Chinese Foundry [ARTnews] – “Archaeologists have uncovered the world’s oldest known coin mint, along with pieces of spade-shaped metal currency, inside a bronze foundry dating to 770 B.C.E. in Guanzhuang, China. Using accelerator mass spectrometry (AMS) radiocarbon dating, the new research, published this month in Antiquity, reveals the coin mint began operating between 640 and 550 B.C.E., after the foundry switched from producing other valuable items to creating currency.”