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20 years of home price data from across the U.S.

Why, hello there! As you can see, I missed yesterday’s installment of Apex Money, and I’m late with this morning’s edition. That’s because I’ve been wrapped up in election results. And, as of this moment anyhow, there’s still no definitive answer about who will be the next President of the United States.

I guess that means I should return my attention to personal finance. Here are a few interesting money stories from the past few days…

20 years of home price changes in cities across the U.S. [Visual Capitalist] — Let’s start with this interactive chart that draws on Zillow’s home value index. It uses this data to plot how home prices have changed in major metropolitan areas across the United States. How have things changed in your area? (Interesting to read the accompanying article to get some of the breakdown.)

What happens when you get everything you want? [Why We Money] — “Sometimes after we get to where we wanted to go, we long for the journey that got us there. We don’t take the time to soak it up and celebrate where we’re at right now. I’ve found it more helpful to just be in that space for a while. Not easy, necessarily. But it helps to clarify what is and think about what could be before taking any rash steps and adding more to life.”

Contentment is the greenest grass of all. [Clipping Chains] — “We all must deal with difficult and complicated emotions. We will all face our versions of tragedy and loss. As such, our goal should be contentment, not an unattainable and unsustainable status of unadulterated joy.”

Last but not least, here’s the HBO Max ranking of the top 10 Bugs Bunny moments in history. When my brothers and I were young, we lived for Bugs Bunny. One local TV station would play the cartoons in the mornings and afternoons, and we loved them. I haven’t watched them in decades though.

That’s all for today. We’ll be back tomorrow to take you into the weekend.