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$140,000 Oscar gift bags!

I didn’t watch the Oscars and I did hear about the Will Smith x Chris Rock episode, but the thing that got my attention was…

Here’s what’s inside the nearly $140,000 gift bag given to Steven Spielberg, Will Smith and other Oscar nominees [CNBC] – “For the 20th consecutive year, LA-based marketing company Distinctive Assets is distributing its famously expensive “Everybody Wins” gift bags to select nominees. This year’s bag is valued at just over $137,000 and includes items ranging from designer popcorn to a voucher for $12,000 worth of liposuction.”


The critical few [Adam Singer] – “There’s an unstated elegance about focusing on less in your digital efforts. In fact, my most successful blogs, clients, marketing programs were ones where we refined efforts over time to do more of less. We discovered what worked, found a formula, dialed it up and relentlessly removed the fluff.” Also, I really like this part near the end – “Complexity is standard and expected, simplicity is elegant and surprising because it’s daring. It requires confidence – you’re taking a chance that what you’re putting out there is good enough to stand on its own.”

Lessons From 30 Years of Living [Joseph Wells] – “Talk to strangers—in the grocery store, at the airport, in line at the DMV—you’ll meet cool people, have great stories to tell, and maybe even make a lonely person’s day.” My wife does this all the time and now I do it too. Just start with a “hello, how are you?” and whatever happens happens. Sometimes nothing, sometimes something awesome. Also, the list gets really good starting with #29.