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100 Tips For A Better Life

A fun, and accurate, list that’s quick to go through and worth the time.

100 Tips For A Better Life [ideopunk] – “4. “Where is the good knife?” If you’re looking for your good X, you have bad Xs. Throw those out.” Lots of good gems in this one.

We all make mistakes but we don’t all recognize them and this is an honest introspection that everyone should be doing:

A Reflection on my 2020 Financial Mistakes [Thrifty Hustler] – “2020 is a rollercoaster ride for me as I have mentioned in my 2020 Year End Blog Post. The first quarter was awesome and then it went downhill from there and then it sort of picked itself up before the year ended. Even though my perspective of 2020 is on the optimistic side, mainly because of the growth of this blog that I’m really really surprised to see, my financials were not doing that great.”

A little look back, now a little look forward:

My Top Money Moves For 2021 [Banker on FIRE] – “Thus, as boring as it may sound, my biggest focus area for 2021 by far is to continue doing well at work.” Not something you see often from folks writing about early retirement, focusing on doing more at work today.

Anti-New Year’s Resolution: 21 Things You Need to Try in 2021 [Money Life Wax] – ” No doubt, 2021 will be the year you finally stick to your New Year Resolutions. You are going to make it happen. There will be no turning back and you will finally hit all of your goals!

The last 15 years are behind you… you mean business! But then, something happens… in what seems like in instant, February 1st rolls around and you have already resorted to looking towards 2021!

So what if instead of adopting a million goals for 2021, you joined the “Anti-New’s Year Resolution” movement and focused on things to try in 2021?”

I love the idea of Anti-resolution. 🙂