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100 Simple Pleasures In Life

As we gracefully glide into the weekend, I want to start with something soothing… how about some simple pleasures?

100 Simple Pleasures In Life [Mind Body Dad] – “Just as we are a collection of cells working together to create a human experience, life is a collection of little moments that add up to create our experience of the world. And if we pay attention to those moments, we become happier. The man who moves through life focused on anything but the now is a man who just moves through life. Find joy in the simple pleasures to be happy and truly enjoy life.” Read it while you sip on your morning cup of coffee.

The couple that paid $90,000 for a private street in San Francisco and were forced to return it by the rich neighbors said they still haven’t been reimbursed [Business Insider] – “In 2017, Michael Cheng and Tina Lam shook up the gated community at Presidio Terrace when residents found out the couple had purchased the street, its sidewalks, and its shrubs for nearly six figures in an online auction. The city had put Presidio Terrace up for sale in 2015 after the homeowners’ association failed to pay property taxes on the street for more than a decade.” It’s clever to buy a street via a tax lien sale but I’m not sure what they planned to do with it? This story is old and there hasn’t been an update on it (that I’ve seen).

Wow. 👇

Tantalising sign of possible life on faraway world [BBC] – “Nasa’s James Webb Space Telescope may have discovered tentative evidence of a sign of life on a faraway planet. It may have detected a molecule called dimethyl sulphide (DMS). On Earth, at least, this is only produced by life.” Tentative and not robust… but it’s something!

Enjoy the weekend!